happy birthday king dilla!

today marks the 1 year anniversary of the king dilla ep . if someone would have told me in 2013, Ii would make a project like this the following year, i would have looked at them in disbelief. this was really an experiment gone well.  i learned so much about myself musically and as a person through the entire process. thanks to all of the friends who helped me through the process of recording, or reassuring me that this risk was worth taking. I am super thankful for chi and jabari, who helped me bring this to idea to life and really helped me expand as an artist, to matt albin over at Fashionably Early, who helped me premiere the project. and extremely grateful for those who pressed play.  i  am super excited to share the growth since then, with this new stuff I've been working on.  For those who have be following me since that time and even before tkdep. Thank you. For those you may just listen today or stumble across my music later on, thank you as well. and I hope you all stick around as we go down this road to my next full length project,  femdelacreme II .

- femdot.